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My Story


I learned the power of natural home remedies from my grandmother, Sarita, who enjoyed reading and learning about natural medicine.  My grandmother was the person our family turned to when seeking health remedies.  


In my case, I was born with fine hair, it was thin and grew very slowly.  It lacked the body and shine I wanted in luxurious looking hair.  I learned to experiment with homemade remedies to address this problem and eventually developed Longer n Stronger Hair Oil, my formula which has given me exceptional results within weeks.  


Today, I enjoy hair with the thickness, length and strength I never thought I could enjoy.  In addition to this, my hair became smooth and moisturized! This is why I want to share my formula with others who are struggling with hair loss and thickness like I did.


Let's face it, hair is very important part of how we project ourselves to the world. We all want to have longer, stronger and more manageable hair, without the harmful chemicals or painful treatments.


 Maritza Molina



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