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All natural  hair oil
Promotes Growth and
Recovers Natural
Thickness and Color

my story
Tropical Leaves

Hand crafted with all-natural ingredients to jump-start hair growth



My Story

I learned the power of natural home remedies from my grandmother, Sarita who enjoyed reading and learning about natural medicine.  My grandmother was the person our family turned to when seeking health remedies.  


In my case, I was born with fine hair, it was thin and grew very slowly.  It lacked the body and shine I wanted in luxurious looking hair.  I learned to experiment with homemade remedies to address this problem and eventually developed Longer n Stronger Hair Oil, my formula which has given me exceptional results within weeks.  

All Ingredients are Natural  and Organic

Longer n Stronger Hair Oil strives to provide you with the best hair care solutions for hair growth while maintaining the product strictly drug free.



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